About Us

Gordon Signs & Interior Displays Ltd was established in 1983 and has created bespoke creative signage, displays and fit outs ever since. Based in Norwich Gordon Signs has a provided professional services to business of any size, no matter how small or big throughout the UK, working with our clients to produce interesting, eye catching, durable and quality products. Over the years, the philosophy of trying to make unusual signage and furniture available to everyone without great expense has remained constant.

More than 1700 happy clients

Our Inspiration

The sign makers at Gordon Signs & Interior Display always keep in mind that clients often need innovative solutions to grow and brand their company, not bland communication that fails to encourage sales. We use a variety of manufacturing technique and base materials, from woods (oak, beech, etc), metals, plastics (Perspex, acrylic, etc), glass and stone, to turn them into the identifying and promotional signage that properly advertises a business.

Our team is dedicated to provide great and friendly service, regardless of the size and scope of your project. This has served to make us one of the most popular sign writing shops covering the Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk area, in addition to serving customers in East Anglia.

In light of our coverage extending to larger regions within the UK, we expect to maintain the same high level of service. So whether it’s a basic sign, a shop fit, spray booth for your van, or display for the reception desk, let us provide you with the best signs and banners design that leave a lasting impression.

So if you have a need for sign, shop fit or reception desk please do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you with the design or use yours if you prefer. Although much of our custom comes from the surrounding areas in East Anglia, we offer our services as sign makers to clients across the UK.

1000's of Signs Created
35 Years of Experience
1700+ Happy Customers

Our Vision

Our dream as a sign maker has always been is to capture & deliver the best image a company has, then embodying it in its logos and other marketing displays. This can take the form of our optimising your existing designs, or creating customised media to help bring you improved business. Our metric for determining success is seeing how our sign shop can get your business “noticed, not just seen”. This is vital for many small firms whose outreach is only the local area, in which case the few displays you have installed must be effective.

Good signage should also mesh the nature of the organization with the media that advertises it. We like to match humbler companies with simpler logos, and firms that want to be “rainmakers” with more aggressive displays. Our hope is that the material used for our signage, from vinyl or wood to magnetic signs, in all cases meets the company image exactly, and projects it in a manner that the public will be attracted to. We use leading edge craftsmanship to design, paint, carve and maintain every sign displayed, and believe our attention to detail brings both the client’s and our own vision forward in a manner representing best practices for sign manufacturers.

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